RDJ Katahdin Farm

Flock Prefix RDJ VSFCP Certified

About Us:

  Katahdin Hair Sheep is the future of the meat sheep industry in the U.S. Katahdin Lambs produce a well muscled carcass of the highest quality. The meat is consistently mild and is naturally lean. Consumers usually like their Lambs from 90 to 120 pounds.

  The lambs will work for you whether you live in the South or North with wet or dry conditions. Katahdin sheep are great mothers and will produce twins or triplets often. They require little management, they do not require shearing and they are parasite resistant.

  They are people friendly and great dispositions make them the perfect retirement project, FFA and 4-H projects. They fit well with Cattle and Goats. Weed control is one of their biggest assessts. We started in the commerical sheep business in March of 2008 with twenty ewes and one ram.  We once raised Boer Goats and we found that sheep were much easier to raise. In June of 2010 we bought our first Registered Katahdin sheep. 

  Our farm is located in North-Central Louisiana. We are 5o Miles North of Alexandria, LA and 50 Miles South of Monroe, LA; 100 miles South of Shreveport, LA and 100 Miles from Natchez, MS.